Who and What is the Konscious Kings Movement?

Peace and blessings to those who are reading this.  My Konscious name is Jah Soul (God Soul).  I welcome you to this movement I’ve birthed; Konscious Kings.  We are men who have dedicated ourselves to elevating and enlightening our essence so that we may be better suited to lead by example.  We are on a mission to encourage, inspire, motivate, teach, enlighten and uplift those souls that may be yearning for these attributes.  We want to provide you with words of substance and sustenance, that will nourish your mind and calm your spirit.  Life can be a chaotic journey and our mission is to alleviate as much of that chaos as possible.  So we urge you to not only follow this movement, but to merge with it.  For, if you don’t stand for something, you WILL fall for anything.

Should you wish to contact Konscious Kings, please e-mail us at Konscious_Kings@yahoo.com

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