The Men of Konscious Kings…

Greetings to all my brothers and sisters.  My name is DeVyne Tha Messenjah and I am proud to be sharing this stage and moment with my other brothers.  We want to reach your heart as well as your minds eye.  My mission is to show the people on the outside that just because we are on the inside of these concrete slabs and bars, that our minds will ALWAYS be free.  Many have a misnomer for black men in this never-ending system.  All of us are not thugs, hardened criminals or bangers that are biding our time; ready to strike the world with chaos, violence and self-destruction.  There is a branch of us who have made amends and are prepared to return to the social plateau.  We have accomplished through education, spiritual enlightenment and various means of soul searching, a true understanding of life and our purpose in it.  Now, with a better structure and a secure foundation, we share all we have learned and come to be with you.

Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.  We hope to be that change through what we do here.  Blessings be upon all who read these words.  Peace to the “Phamlee”, I love you all!  What we stand for keeps me going.  With no further ado, we introduce to you, “Konscious Kings…The Awakening”.

Should you wish to contact Konscious Kings, please e-mail us at


  1. Inspired by Penny Payne: written by Sassy: Money hungry momma:

    I am momma,
    here me roar,
    how dare you pretend, we haven’t did this before.

    Since day one I’ve been there for you;
    In yes my love, you’ve been there for me too.

    20 long years, I did on my own
    to assure our legacy carries on.

    Doing mounds of overtime,
    straight busting my ass,
    trying to give you the shit
    I never had.

    Put the blame on me
    for all that’s gone wrong.
    You said I was the reason
    your daddy left home.

    Calling me money hungry
    when you ain’t gave jack.
    Spending all your money
    then running back.

    Disrespecting me with the things that you do,
    then thinking I’m weak cause I want to please you.

    So get off the gas, stop running your mouth.
    I’ll say this shit again I don’t want shit that you got.

    Before I’m dead in gone,
    I have to make you strong.
    Nothing free in life
    except this bitch you stepping on.


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