Imperfection Makes Perfect Sense

“A life without perfection makes perfect sense”

I’ve realized that people don’t really want to fix all of their problems. They’d just like to forget about some of them for a couple of hours. We always talk about perfection, but as humans, do we really want to be perfect? I think not because once that perfection has been reached, where will we go then? It’s the act of chasing perfection that keeps us alive, giving us a thrill. The chase makes life interesting; like we’re on a mission. A mission that we really never want to complete.
We hate playing the game, but truthfully, we never want the game to end. This is why when things become too perfect at home, in our relationships or at work, we do something to sabotage that perfection. We start an argument, we cheat on our spouse, or we abruptly quit our job and start over.
In a sense, being perfect is boring. It gives us nothing to look forward to, nothing to chase. It is our imperfections, flaws and shortcomings that allows us to have a sense of purpose. I believe it is in that purpose that we can gain a glimpse of what we are looking for…perfection.

~ Jah Soul

Mistaken Identity

I wonder, who is this creature? I recognize his features,

but I can’t place him, my memories can taste him.

Lapping at his existence, resistant, but I’m still fishing.

What is it I am missing? His eyes seem to despise me.

It might be, that he’s just like me. Nah, highly unlikely.

Cause I can see evil churning, burning, looking for an outlet

but it can’t get out yet.

He’s always watching, scheming, plotting.

Waiting, baiting, what is he debating?

Where did he come from? He doesn’t act dumb.

Very intelligent, but somehow irrelevant.

He doesn’t use common sense as a sense.

He only acts on emotions, a chaotic devotion.

His anger keeps him in danger, an enemy to his own entity.

I’m glad he’s not kin to me.

But as I take a closer look, I’m shook.

This creature is not apart from me,

he’s part of me…

– Jah Soul