Imperfection Makes Perfect Sense

“A life without perfection makes perfect sense”

I’ve realized that people don’t really want to fix all of their problems. They’d just like to forget about some of them for a couple of hours. We always talk about perfection, but as humans, do we really want to be perfect? I think not because once that perfection has been reached, where will we go then? It’s the act of chasing perfection that keeps us alive, giving us a thrill. The chase makes life interesting; like we’re on a mission. A mission that we really never want to complete.
We hate playing the game, but truthfully, we never want the game to end. This is why when things become too perfect at home, in our relationships or at work, we do something to sabotage that perfection. We start an argument, we cheat on our spouse, or we abruptly quit our job and start over.
In a sense, being perfect is boring. It gives us nothing to look forward to, nothing to chase. It is our imperfections, flaws and shortcomings that allows us to have a sense of purpose. I believe it is in that purpose that we can gain a glimpse of what we are looking for…perfection.

~ Jah Soul


The Darkness

The Pain

The Anger

The Frustration

The Sorrow

The Suffering

The Tears

The Struggle

The Fight

The Determination

The Hope

The Strength

The Climb

The Ascension

The Light

The Freedom

The Joy

The Peace

… The Victory…

– Jah Soul

A Kweenz Worth

I want to vibe with my Kweenz for a second.  There is a verse from the Bible I want to build with you (all the ladies) on.  It comes from Proverbs 11:22 and it states “As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a lovey woman who lacks discretion”.  I have shared this verse with the young women in my family because it is so profound.  We all know that the swine is looked at as a dirty and filthy animal.  It has no care or regard for anything except for fulfilling it’s own desires.  A ring of gold back then was something of extreme value.  Something to be treasured and respected.  I have witnessed so many lovely women, young and old, who have put their valuable selves in the snout of a man who acts like a swine.  Just like the swine who disrespects that ring of gold, that no-good man will drag you through the mud as well.  He will drag you to the point where your value, self-worth and self-esteem will dramatically decrease, leaving you to the point where you feel worthless and unappreciated.  So Kweenz, if you truly feel that you are as valuable as that ring of gold, don’t attach yourself to a person who you know will not respect, admire or cherish your self-worth.  Have a greater discretion about who you give yourself to because, truthfully, only a King is truly worthy of a Kween.

– Jah Soul