Are You Man Enough?

Real men don’t complain, we maintain through the pain.
Analyze and realize that everything won’t stay the same.
And the ability to readjust is an absolute must,
no rash decisions, never caught up in a rush.
We know that life is really chess not checkers.
So when problems stack up like double-deckers,
we stay focused, meditate in the lotus.
Tap in to that inner power; call it mental hocus-pocus.
And when it all starts to seem tragic, we can keep a cool head
and reach off in to the tool shed.
Mr. Fix-it…
We’ll be there in an instant.
Our determination is what keeps us persistent.
Yes, we never back down; never lay down our crown.
Make out voice heard like we had it on surround sound.
We stand up when nobody else is willing.
Take the center stage and tell the world how we are feeling.
Real men…
Can find us in the pen or even in the White House.
And a good man will flourish with the right spouse,
keeping out chest out.
Natural protectors…
A calm spirit, never letting silly things affect us…
– Jah Soul

Marvin Gaye

I am tired of this world we are living in.
Dividends… divided unequally amongst many men.
Keepin’ pace with the rat race,taking a toll on your soul.
People think you are rich because your heart is gold.
No relief…so we roll a leaf and light it up.
Or we pour it up and drink it all before the night is up.
Inebriated…God knows we needed that.
Give it everything we got but one day we will need it back.
The American dream, as it seems.
Is a nightmare to many, married to that pretty penny.
Single mothers being left to pick the slack up
because the daddy packed up and left her with no back-up.
This is a curse, the roles have reversed.
That’s why her spine is strong.
Raising those babies by herself and bringing the swine home.
Marvin Gaye… what the hell is really goin’ on?
Where did we go wrong?
And why did everybody tag along?
It’s time we man-up, do more than put our hands up.
Start a real revolution. Get off ya ass and stand up!
Unite as one…
There should never be a separation.
Elevation can be achieved with preparation…

– Jah Soul

No More Complaining ~ Part 2

Some say white men taught us this schism to hate one another. I don’t know but lets check history. Before the times of Willie Lynch, we were on the motherland fighting selling our brothers, sisters, mothers, cousins…etc.… into slavery before the white man came. They only took our offer and then conquered our nation. Do we not remember Shaka and the Zulu’s? We destroyed our own people and villages before any white person gave us a hand. Hey, they just finished what we started. Let’s quit blaming the white man, we must do like Michael Jackson said and look at the man in the mirror.
Let’s quit asking for handouts and go get what we want or need. We say we want better education so we need to go get it. We say we want a future for our children, let’s build it. Let us teach our children to be more than athletes, movie stars, and entertainers. Teach them about computers, economics, literature, aerodynamics, and mathematics. Make them technicians, physicians, and dieticians.
Show them how to be architects; builders of buildings as well as builders of their lives. Stop giving them X-boxes, PS4’s and give them books and tools. What are we waiting for? Are you still waiting on your 40 acres and a mule? Really, if you were to get it, what would you do with it? Probably not a damn thing!! Knowing us, we would probably sell most of it back to the same white man we claim to hate and despise. Messing the money off on cars, clothes, and things of no value and importance. Then you will probably be blaming someone for that too. It’s time we stop complaining and start taking action.

– Thomas D. Payne

No More Complaining ~ Part 1

STOP! I’m tired of this! We’re steadily blaming the whites for our loses. When are we going to start blaming ourselves? We had a choice in everything that has happened in our history, so let’s quit playing this game.
Let’s quit saying “ I hate these white folks because they locked me up”. Hold up, no one told you to pick up that gun and blast that man for his car. No one made you sell the crack, heroin, or the weed you were caught with. It wasn’t a white person who came asking you to join a gang, start robbing, stealing and killing causing you to get knocked for organized crime.
We say the black man doesn’t fly the plane to bring the dope in to the United States, oh, but when it gets here we have no problem distributing it and poisoning our communities. We have destroyed our hoods with drugs, guns and petty violence. Then we have the nerve to scream “Black Pride, fight the power”. What power? We are the only power holding US back. Stopping progress, we are our own worse enemy.
We are so negative that a positive becomes a negative. We keep ourselves in black boxes with no escape. We can see a child acting up and what do we do? Nothing! We will say, “that ain’t my child, so why worry?” Better yet, we don’t even give the child a chance because we have a habit of telling them “ you’re going to be like you’re daddy” (who’s likely in prison), “she’s going to be like her momma” (maybe on assistance), or “they’re going to be like their no-good uncle such and such” (perhaps dead) and so on.
If we see this, we must try to correct it. Black men and black women, NOW is the time to make a change! We are a family, not just a color or race. It takes a village to raise a child, why are we not helping? We are only dysfunctional because we diss each other instead of helping to solve the problem. We need to start being our brother’s keeper instead of his reaper. Hating ourselves will not help to elevate us…

– Thomas D. Payne

The Imperfect Perfection

“Usefulness is not impaired by imperfection. You can still drink from a chipped cup” – Greta K. Nagel

~Encouraged by this statement, I was inspired to form a message. Pump the volume higher, please…~

People think because we are locked up and locked down in a chaotic darkness there’s no hope

we are considered useless, no-good, outcast and broke.

It’s far from reality, believe it or not my friend; the pen doesn’t make the man

the man makes the pen.

Most will remain asleep while others finally wake, some will learn to love

some will constantly hate.

It’s a thin line to understanding what should’ve been understood.

The choices we made to be selfish and false, or the choice to be true and good.

There are those who deserve their sentences to the letter, and then there are people like us

who strive to be better.

Many will blame the way they were raised, people they hung around

Creating excuses, half-truths that will always keep them down.

But me and the Kingz on the other-hand admit our mistakes, taking control of our lives.

Regretfully traveled through the darkness and into the light.

They said they could take us out of the hood, but not the hood out of us; why?

Another fallacy, crutch, excuse and a lie.

Couldn’t care less about the hood trappings and those in it

I’m pro-black, love my people, but I am anti-silliness.

“Keep it real”, they scream, no more can I hear the streets

because being real to me is being a better husband, father, and son

Taking responsibility for all I’ve done plus what’s to come.

Been down the rabbit hole, I’m not Alice, I’m done.

With places I’ve been, people and things I’ve seen

Would make the weak of heart, break down crying or even scream.

It made me want to holler like Marvin, a time or two,

from the lowest level I built myself up and managed to pull through.

Transitioning from a boy to a man, I’m doing just fine with this forced hand.

Learned my lessons, amended my transgressions, went to college and received two degrees

Becoming the man, I should’ve been when I was free.

I invite you to witness my change, all eyes on me.  Lost my ambitions of a rider, Hail Mary, follow me.

Like Pac, once upon a time I had a lot to say with no path

Until, they gave me a sentence and I couldn’t figure out the math.

It cleaned my mind, changed my thoughts, perceptions and patterns of living

gave me a willingness to share, that’s why I’m giving

these words that come from my heart without a single pause…

I’m bruised, not broken and far from a lost cause…

– Thomas D. Payne