The Reformation

A hard shelled exterior, so they call you a nut.

Ran from your sexuality, from fear of being a slut.

So many scars on your heart, from being broken and stitched.

No wonder you have an attitude, and they think of you as a bitch.

You’ve been purposely pimped and played,

dramatically dragged through the mud.

Dropped you off in the depths of hell, and somehow you still show us love.

Your courage has has been contaminated, siphoned the strength from your soul.

Chilled the warmth that was in your smile

and left your heart bitter and cold.

So many wounds you have valiantly endured by the hands that were meant to protect.

Called you derogatory names for so long,

eventually, thats what you began to project.

What did they do to your spirit?

I can’t stand how they left you.

So I strive to become a better man myself

because that’s the only way I can protect you.

– Jah Soul

The Doctor Is In…

[Woman speaking over the intercom]

“Paging Dr. Jah Soul, you’re needed in emergency”

People’s hearts have ran cold, it’s a sense of urgency.

Their life is so depleted, a transfusion is needed.

OMG, it’s so terrible! It’s gonna take a miracle.

[Putting on latex gloves]

Hand me the stethoscope

[Heart beating weakly]

Give me a pint of motivation, 10cc’s of hope.

A couple pills of inspiration to help my people cope.

This is a spiritual surgery, taking out stress and drama.

Alleviating the problems that’s causing all your trauma.

I.V.’s filled with joy, connected right to your essence.

Resuscitating your spirit that’s caught up in evanescence.

Stitch up your confidence and bandage your self-esteem.

Infuse you with compliments, reviving all of your dreams.

A cast around your heart to help heal what’s been battered.

A crate of medical tape, for your world that has been shattered.

Staying right by your side monitoring your condition.

All you ever needed was somebody who would listen.

Coaxing you out of that coma, enlightening your existence.

I knew you would walk again, it just took a little persistence…

– Jah Soul