No Man!!!

We…Do…Not…Hit…Women! Period!

Young men, sit down, let’s have a session. I see, contemporary America is promoting aggression.

Let hitting a woman be beneath you, something with to never be down.

In my era, we had Emmit Smiths and Luthers, I’m appalled by the Ray Rices and Chris Browns.

We do not hit women! That shows no masculinity, doesn’t make you look hard.

Some won’t learn from their mistakes until they end up on the penitentiary rec yard.

I’ve seen hard men in only two places,

shackled in their cell, locked down, or taking permanent naps, dirt thrown over their faces.

Did anyone teach ya’ll how to treat a woman? Having no father isn’t an excuse…

I was raised by a single mother and would never hit my wife in a dispute.

What happened to being civil or being chivalrous, open communication or discussion?

Having a loving, healthy environment instead of giving your woman a concussion?

We…Do…Not…Hit…Women! That doesn’t define a man.

Raise your hand not to our women but to stop domestic violence in our land.

We’re quick to march when a cop shoots someone we think is innocent,

we come together, angry in cahoots…

But, who do I see march in outrage for the victims of brutality and abuse?

Not many…

I guess until it’s your mother, sister or daughter that Ray or Chris hits, then maybe you will care.

Not cracking jokes like Fox and Friends, the message is to “Take the Stairs”.

This…Is Not…a Joking…Matter, humorless in fact, these men need to check themselves.

Most definitely, they need to learn tact.

We do not hit our women, we LOVE our women, protect our women.

We don’t hate our women or subject our women.

I’m talking to boys, young men and grown men, any male who hits a woman or girl…

I can call you a lot of things but a man will never be one!!!

– Thomas D. Payne

The Reformation

A hard shelled exterior, so they call you a nut.

Ran from your sexuality, from fear of being a slut.

So many scars on your heart, from being broken and stitched.

No wonder you have an attitude, and they think of you as a bitch.

You’ve been purposely pimped and played,

dramatically dragged through the mud.

Dropped you off in the depths of hell, and somehow you still show us love.

Your courage has has been contaminated, siphoned the strength from your soul.

Chilled the warmth that was in your smile

and left your heart bitter and cold.

So many wounds you have valiantly endured by the hands that were meant to protect.

Called you derogatory names for so long,

eventually, thats what you began to project.

What did they do to your spirit?

I can’t stand how they left you.

So I strive to become a better man myself

because that’s the only way I can protect you.

– Jah Soul

Enigmatic Love Affair

I am so enthused when I see you, I’m past enthusiastic.

Your beauty I’m a fan of, so call me a fanatic.

Those eyes take my breath away, making me asthmatic.

Your kiss is the ecstasy that keeps me ecstatic.

Your charm and charisma are beyond charismatic.

This romance we play at, is super romantic.

Being that we’ve weathered the drama and extreme dramatics,

finally comfortable with our status, there’s no static.

With us, it’s love; mania that leaves me manic, knowing

you are my galaxy, my world that’s galactic.

No silly games, calling of names, no antics; we’ve grown over

the years, together or apart, no panic.

God has a plan, we couldn’t see the true schematics.

Though at times it seemed it would fail contact; sporadic.

Now we’ve bounced back; I’m elated, really ecstatic.

We are an unmovable force together, we create havoc.

What we’ve been through and experienced, I wouldn’t

change it, let no other have it.

This love is real between us, no fantasy but fantastic…

– Thomas D. Payne

The Declaration

The angel of my destiny is finally standing next to me

can she be

the secret ingredient to my recipe?

Yes siree!

She’s the one, unquestionably.


I need her laying here face to face with me.

A sexy thang, she’s the yin to my yang

so I put a claim on her.


No stain on her, and I put my name on her.

She’s the Mrs, you bitches…

You bustas and suckas will never touch her.

Ha! Yeah I’m cappin’

Caught you nappin’

Took and poured my love on her

that’s why she’s got my gov on her.

Can’t you tell that she’s under Jah’s spell?

Didn’t take long for us to gel

because I caught her when she fell…

– Jah Soul – written on Sept. 3, 2014 the day he became one with his wife

An Ode To My Wife

My one and only is an old fashioned phrase

Used in movies and songs back in the days

It perfectly describes the jewel that dropped in my life

From the day we met, til’ you became my wife

Our love could be no stronger, no deeper

The bond we had I knew you were a keeper

From our first kiss, we had our challenges

like any couple, I guess.

But we worked through them together and passed the test.

Our lives may not be perfect

truthfully, how many are?

You’ll always be the apple of my eye, my shining star.

So, on this day I say with all my heart.

Thank you for making me happy while also looking smart.

They didn’t think we would make it, oh how they were wrong.

Twenty three years is a testament, still we march on.

So, I know it might sound old fashioned to say

You are my one and only, my love, I can’t help but feel this way.

– Thomas D. Payne