Phase 2

So it ain’t no swine in the serving line
Eatin’ knowledge 360 when it’s dinner time
Full Circle; ignorance can hurt you
You’ll shine in due time, Prince
Patience is a virtue; moving too fast
You’ll stumble and fall over
No inebriation; we’re pure and all sober
Designated driver; just ride and I’ll chauffeur
Wanna find your way; just say it and I will show ya
Generation X; we’re the next Malcolm Little
Droppin’ breadcrumbs; gotta figure out the riddles
Alpha and Omega
If you’re somewhere in the middle; you need to grab a throne
Go on and listen to this spittle
The new hue-man; on our square is where we stand now
Used to doubt our strength; realizing that we can stand proud
Used to hurt our brotha’s; but we’re reaching out our hand now
Head was in the clouds; but it’s time for us to land now…

– Jah Soul

Texas, It Is Time For Change…

In the State of Texas, jail is a big business and the great state loves to lock people up…and for a long time, I might add. Many people that are serving life sentences are first-time offenders. It has been said that young people, especially males, do not reach a full level of maturity until they are at least 25 years old. Look at car insurance companies; the rates are higher until you reach 25, right? Is it possible this is because these young people have more accidents? Could it be that these young people do not demonstrate responsibility? Although these emerging adults make poor decisions, most of the time, they mature and learn to make conscious decisions. A United States Department of Justice report states, “Many juvenile offenders do not continue their law-violating behaviors into adulthood”. This statement alone, proves that young people are not mentally mature enough to make sound decisions, but as they get older, they change.
Ms. Edna Watts is a concerned mother of a son who is currently incarcerated. He was sentenced to 99 years in prison for aggravated robbery when he was 19 and this was his first offense. Although he has matured, is a Christian mentor to his fellow inmates and is a certified paralegal, he is not eligible to apply for parole until he has served at least half of his sentence. Texas does not consider good conduct time, work time and flat time credit for 3-G (aggravated sentence) offenders. These offenders can show signs of maturity and rehabilitation and the state will not allow them to apply for parole.
Ms. Watts started three online petitions asking the State of Texas to reconsider these rules. Her goal is to collect over 50,000 signatures from people in the “free-world” so she can lobby city and state legislators to adopt each of the petitions as bills. Although these petitions are being directed to legislators in the State of Texas, she is asking everybody in the United States to participate. We believe that once Texas recognizes the need to change some of their policies, other states will follow suit.
It is our sincere wish that our followers will consider learning more about these petitions, sign them and pass the information on to family and friends. We pray that these petitions can help inmates, like Ms. Watts son, be able to apply for parole and be an asset to society instead of our tax dollars being spent to keep them behind bars.

Below are the websites with more information about the petitions:

Cast Offs

As I sit back, I laugh at most of these inmates in this place. Most of them have characteristics of
the Wizard of Oz.
Some think they got all the game in the world but make the same mistakes over and over. Two, three, sometimes seven time losers; straight clucks. We call them Scarecrows.
Then, you got those that are walking around bumping their gums. Chest out, selling wolf tickets. You call them out and they need people they know to intercede and come with them. Whether it’s a partner from the hood, associate, gang affiliates; we call them Cowardly Lions.
Now the Tin Men are few and really are heartless. They do what they want, when they want and are truly dangerous. They keep agitating situations and care for no one whether it’s an inmate or a Law (guard).
We have many Toto’s, followers who can’t think for themselves. These are the ones who roll with the punches, are yes-men and follow the crowd.
Then there are ones who come down here, being all that they can be, never was anything out in the world. Got a story for every part of the game. They lie about everything that has ever happened and when you pull back the curtains; you realize they are just Wizards.
Never forget those that are just plain spiteful. They hate every one and hate themselves; they bring nothing positive to the table. These ones are just miserable and need to be put down. These ones are the Wicked Witches.
Me? I hate to make a comparison to any particular character myself, but I think I come closest to Dorothy. I am lost, out of place and just need to get home. There’s no place like it, there’s no place like home!
– Thomas D. Payne