The Flow

You can’t get on my level if you don’t speak the language.
The flow’s intellectual like it came from Cambridge.
We’re on the same path but not on the same bridge.
Still look the same but I’m far from that lame kid.
Open your eyes, look what the fame did.
Open up your ears and listen to what the pain did.
Tears on my face looking like when the rain slid
down my windowpane.
Then I found a flame that was hid
in my soul. So now homie, the game flipped.
If your boat is sinking, we can’t be on the same ship.
A moneymaker, kind of like when the cain’s whipped.
Konscious thoughts, I’m never letting my brain slip.
Jump on my bandwagon, come and take a train trip.
Still an angel, even though one of my wings is clipped.
Tear drops, kind of like when the drain drips.
You can’t stop the flow, as if one of your veins got ripped…
– Jah Soul