The Power Within

Marinate and masticate on this knowledge that I feed.
Know thyself is really the only college you need.
Life lessons being cooked in the pot of your soul.
Hope you get the picture before you’re sent to rot in a hole.
Awaken parts of your brain that remain unused.
Putting pieces back together that had come unglued.
Recognize and realize the potential you harbor.
I know you’re tired, but you can go a little farther.
Put your doubts and insecurities inside of a box.
Close it shut, seal it tight and deadbolt all the locks.
What’s inside of you is true, if only you believe.
Dig deep within yourself and see what you retrieve.
You can create love or hate; choose joy or depression.
Look at the glass half full without a thought or a question.
That’s the beauty of existence; free will is a given.
If you don’t like your situation, then change how you’re livin’.

“For indeed, the Kingdom of God is within you.” – Luke 17:21
– Jah Soul

New Beginnings

I could mack a whole nation with my machinations

but I chose the liberation of this population.

No hesitation. Confident about my occupation.

You’re witnessing the galvanization of our God’s creation.

The stimulation of the minds in congregation.

Now salutations are received at our inauguration.

Let the preparation begin for the celebration

divine meditation led to this revelation.

Spiritual levitation done with no perspiration.

No more segregation amongst the denominations.

It’s the annihilation of the devil’s incarnation.

Congratulations, Heaven has received your reservation…

 – Jah Soul

A Kweenz Worth

I want to vibe with my Kweenz for a second.  There is a verse from the Bible I want to build with you (all the ladies) on.  It comes from Proverbs 11:22 and it states “As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a lovey woman who lacks discretion”.  I have shared this verse with the young women in my family because it is so profound.  We all know that the swine is looked at as a dirty and filthy animal.  It has no care or regard for anything except for fulfilling it’s own desires.  A ring of gold back then was something of extreme value.  Something to be treasured and respected.  I have witnessed so many lovely women, young and old, who have put their valuable selves in the snout of a man who acts like a swine.  Just like the swine who disrespects that ring of gold, that no-good man will drag you through the mud as well.  He will drag you to the point where your value, self-worth and self-esteem will dramatically decrease, leaving you to the point where you feel worthless and unappreciated.  So Kweenz, if you truly feel that you are as valuable as that ring of gold, don’t attach yourself to a person who you know will not respect, admire or cherish your self-worth.  Have a greater discretion about who you give yourself to because, truthfully, only a King is truly worthy of a Kween.

– Jah Soul