Message to the Kweenz

Allow me to make a quick disclaimer.  Although this blog is called KONCIOUS KINGS, it is not solely based on only making the KINGS conscious.  I do feel that it is imperative to mold the men first so that they will be totally prepared to lead and provide for their families and communities.  This is also about molding the women; young and old into KONSCIOUS KWEENZ, because they will be and are nurturers of the family, and the ones who will mold their children into KONSCIOUS KIDZ.  This will fully complete that 360 degree circle of life that resides inside this KONSCIOUS KINGDOM.  So sometimes, I may speak directly to the Kingz and sometimes only to the Kweenz.  There are times that I will speak to both simultaneously.  Just know that my sole purpose is to strengthen you mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  For in order to build a strong Kingdom, one must first have a strong King AND Kween.

– Jah Soul

Check out for thoughts and poetry from a woman’s point of view!

Also, if any women are interested in posting any thoughts or poetry of enlightenment, please e-mail us at

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