Konscious Thoughts…

     While this blog was originally created as a way for us to be able to share our poetry with masses, it has been requested that we also express our thoughts and feelings beyond poetry and even open these thoughts up for discussion.  This blog will contain thoughts on various subjects which can be found in the “Konscious Thoughts” category.  Feel free to comment on any of the entries so every person can take part of the Konscious movement, the only thing we ask is that we keep it respectful so our site can remain enjoyable for all..


Just So You Know…

     I just wanted to take this small space just to address a simple but important subject matter.  When my mind first birthed the idea of Konscious Kings, I envisioned that it would include all races, nationalities, religions and beliefs because I believe that true consciousness is universal and doesn’t, or shouldn’t, differentiate between race or class.  So, when I speak, I am mostly speaking to the masses; the ones who seek and or thirst for a higher consciousness.

Now my brother Payne and I are, for a lack of a better term “Black” men, so we are sensitive to and also aware of the plight of the Black man in America and throughout the world.  We believe that through knowledge, education, a different thought process and the building of character, that our plight can and will make a dramatic turn-around.  So, there will be times when we will specifically address the Black man through our words because we feel a man must first sweep his own front step before sweeping the ones of others.

– Jah Soul

Thoughts from DeVyne Tha Messenjah…

     To my fellow Konscious Kings, Kweenz, family, friends and readers, I would like to say thank you for following Jah Soul and I on this site.  Mainstream America considers us outcast and inhuman, that we are incapable of redemption. If these people had their way, they would probably put us down like dogs.  By blessing us with your time and understanding through reading our thoughts, commentary and poetry, you are allowing us to show you the good men we can be. By the stats, I see, our words are reaching a fair share of people; gaining more Kings and Kweenz by the day.  We strive to be more than a blog but a movement of the enlightened conscious thinkers world wide.  We appreciate your comments, ideas and constructive criticism.  If you ever disagree with a topic or a subject we speak of, please let us know.  We are open to our audience.  Because of your participation and passing word to others with like minds, the movement is moving faster than we imagined! So, I say again, thank you and I pray I can keep every reader coming back… logging on, again and again.  To the “phamlee” I say, “Ecce signum, deus vult”, Behold this sign, God wills it.  To the Kings and Kweenz, Peace be upon you! Spread the word! Share the movement!!!

– DeVyne Tha Messenjah

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