Forever bound to a world of darkness.
No light would ever touch these eyes of mine.
Every place seemed unfamiliar
and every face was an unseen stranger.
Danger lurked at my feet with every step.
So I kept a steady hand on the ones I trusted.
Despite my blacked out reality, I was still able to shine
light in to this world through my infectious melodies.
I was able to prove to that I was capable of having
a vision that I carried out with precision.
Sung my songs with such a clarity that
allowed the people to see the beauty of me.
I joyfully signed, sealed, delivered love,
laughter and a graceful spirit.
An enigma to some but a wonder to all.
Who told the world that there was a ribbon in the sky
as everyone was left asking why?
Why hadn’t they seen it first?
Even though their eyes were wide open,
they are still blind…

-Jah Soul

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