Can I Get a Witness

We’re brothers of a different kind but of the same mind, un-blind.
They say we are public enemies, the epitome of what they don’t like.
Until you hear us, “Don’t Believe the Hype”…
The system hates that we are not spineless, won’t drink the Clorox
Un-torn, not mindless.
Considered rebels, the reasons are several. Number one: they can’t keep
us down, we’re on a level.
We won’t be like them and their kin, I’m choosing to move the masses to
action from my pen.
So when they hear me, they fear me: alarmed. These words I speak are
“Louder Than a Bomb”.
Thinking I’m organizing a radical mix, trying to wipe me out like
the party started in 66’.
I’m not Newton, Cleaver, Seale, Garvey, Nat, Martin, Malcolm or Mandela.
But the attitude I posses is quite stellar.
That’s why they label us gang-bangers, thugs, hooligans and racist.
Weary of the movement, they can’t face this…
They can salt us down, lie on us and spread their propaganda about our cause.
Still we remain, they cannot contain “A Rebel Without a Pause”…

Inspired by Public Enemy “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back”

– Thomas D. Payne


  1. My true happiness is the happiness I possess inside of me.

    There for if there is truly nothing good that resides within, i now have a starting point that I’m distend to for fill.

    Starting with self I must come to terms with what I do best.

    You would think that finding yourself would be so easy to do, for to thine on self I must be true.

    Not knowing what are who I am or who I can be, just living life conquering every task they put before me.

    Living in a shadow of far away dreams being the person they want me to be, blaming my heritage cause I don’t love me.

    So who I’m I? Who do I ask? I want my future never mind my past.

    Not mother nor father has changed my task, only time in sacrifice in mistakes I’ve had.

    It’s never to late to be who I be, living one way has altered my dreams.

    Been there in done that I must now sail on, I have new lands in destines, in plans unknown, I can now spread my wings since my heart has grown. In happy is what I am, in I will try to pass on.


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