I Am Mike Brown

This young lady is Payne’s cousin-in-law. She is full of fire and Konscious thoughts. She popped up on this blog sharing her feelings with us in rhyme. A true embodiment of her name, we introduce you to Sassy. We hope you will enjoy her insight and perspective from a woman’s view. Peace and Blessings, Isis Rain…

I am Mike Brown

I would have never known how treacherous the world could really be, till they shot down Mike Brown that could have been you, that could have been me, so I don’t feel protected by no means free.

Although I have a name, I’m just a number. Stuck in this ever failing system that is not built to protect us, instead it’s there quietly awaiting to get us caught up, so we won’t have enough money to put up a fuss.

I’m so scared as the tears constantly fall; I’m caught up in a system that wants me to fall.

I am frightened to death to raise my hand, fearing the retribution of the gunman’s plan.
I feel like a prisoner in my own house, I work too dang hard to keep a closed mouth.

What kind of system fails all the tests? A murdering system that could really care less.
Does not matter if you are right or if you are wrong, we deserve to live and carry on.

God I pray as I do each day, I hope my good hasn’t gone astray.
I’m tired of no action, we need to make rush, can’t let this system keep killing us.
I’m crying for justice I want satisfaction; lighten my burdens by bringing the action.

Don’t want to be a victim of circumstance caught up in a system that has no plan.

– Sassy


  1. Friend:
    Hear me clear listen to the words that brings me here.
    I am only human a wife a sister a mother a hustler, I’m a neighbor I’m a friend I’m a lending hand. Just the kind of hope you want as a friend. In the windows of my mind this must be a test of time, wondering if they ever will see, what truly reside inside of me. I’m only half myself when you’re not near, my body seems weak my soul unclear.
    I’m glad in life it’s you I found, we should stand for something or sit back down.


  2. Think you love me than let me know, don’t play no silly games just let your feelings show. Love takes time my love is for sure I don’t need anything your love is the cure.
    So do you love me? Or is this just for show, you have so many loves don’t know which way to go. You and I together as one, beating up life living having fun.
    My love to you I give for free and I pray it makes you stronger rather than making you weak.


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