A Message for the Kingdom

My beautiful Kween, Isis Rain (her Konscious name) who assists with this site, informed me that we have 50 people following this movement. I must say that my soul smiled. Some may feel that 50 is a relatively small number compared to the katrillion people following the likes of Kim Kardashian, but we feel it’s a very strong start. I mean, Rome wasn’t even built in two months, right? So, we don’t expect our Konscious Kingdom to be built that quick either. But, what we DO know is that we have 50 people that has given Konscious Kings their precious time and attention, and for that we are grateful.
It is our hope that the Essence continues to use us to supply you with whatever you may be searching for and know that this movement is not a fad. It is a life long commitment that we have dedicated ourselves to. We hope to find other Kings and Kweens along the way who will be willing to help expand the Konscious Kingdom, whether its through word of mouth or through Konscious actions.
So, to the first 50, we say thank you for giving us a chance. We don’t need a million people for our kingdom to be powerful. The Spartan’s only had 300 and look what they accomplished (AND they got a movie deal, just kidding…)

Peace and Blessings,
Jah Soul

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