Cast Offs

As I sit back, I laugh at most of these inmates in this place. Most of them have characteristics of
the Wizard of Oz.
Some think they got all the game in the world but make the same mistakes over and over. Two, three, sometimes seven time losers; straight clucks. We call them Scarecrows.
Then, you got those that are walking around bumping their gums. Chest out, selling wolf tickets. You call them out and they need people they know to intercede and come with them. Whether it’s a partner from the hood, associate, gang affiliates; we call them Cowardly Lions.
Now the Tin Men are few and really are heartless. They do what they want, when they want and are truly dangerous. They keep agitating situations and care for no one whether it’s an inmate or a Law (guard).
We have many Toto’s, followers who can’t think for themselves. These are the ones who roll with the punches, are yes-men and follow the crowd.
Then there are ones who come down here, being all that they can be, never was anything out in the world. Got a story for every part of the game. They lie about everything that has ever happened and when you pull back the curtains; you realize they are just Wizards.
Never forget those that are just plain spiteful. They hate every one and hate themselves; they bring nothing positive to the table. These ones are just miserable and need to be put down. These ones are the Wicked Witches.
Me? I hate to make a comparison to any particular character myself, but I think I come closest to Dorothy. I am lost, out of place and just need to get home. There’s no place like it, there’s no place like home!
– Thomas D. Payne

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