Mistaken Identity

I wonder, who is this creature? I recognize his features,

but I can’t place him, my memories can taste him.

Lapping at his existence, resistant, but I’m still fishing.

What is it I am missing? His eyes seem to despise me.

It might be, that he’s just like me. Nah, highly unlikely.

Cause I can see evil churning, burning, looking for an outlet

but it can’t get out yet.

He’s always watching, scheming, plotting.

Waiting, baiting, what is he debating?

Where did he come from? He doesn’t act dumb.

Very intelligent, but somehow irrelevant.

He doesn’t use common sense as a sense.

He only acts on emotions, a chaotic devotion.

His anger keeps him in danger, an enemy to his own entity.

I’m glad he’s not kin to me.

But as I take a closer look, I’m shook.

This creature is not apart from me,

he’s part of me…

– Jah Soul

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