Special Delivery

Where do I start?  It’s been six years, I miss you woman, you’re still my heart.

Tell Grandma to stop trippin’, I love her too.  She always get’s much respect,

but this one right here is for you.

Many things has happened since you went away, I’m missing your guidance

and advice on a day to day.

Sometimes I still cry, yeah, can’t lie I do.  Try as I might, I have no one like you.

No one understands me but Pennie’s starting to be on that page.

Yes, we’re together, you said don’t point the finger if you’re guilty.

Comprehension comes with age…

Trying to hold the family together, Mama, it’s hard as hell.

My voice is losing authority the more I dwell in this cell.

Vinnie writes consistently, Jay and the girls stay in touch

Nette is doing okay but we don’t talk that much.

I made you a promise, just know I won’t quit or let up.

You had confidence I could do it so I will keep my head up.

Life ain’t perfect, you weren’t perfect either, still I respect what you did.

All the love you gave me, I passed along to my kids.

Speaking of, Icy is a young woman, now beautiful and mild.

Tae is doing well, working hard, got a little girl. Yes, your great- grandchild.

Pennie was relaying at visit something Icy put her through.

We both laughed out loud saying, “You know what Linda would do”.

We laughed even louder because the answer, we already knew.

Your parenting may have been unorthodox, but still I say “thank you”.

You were a kid trying to raise a kid, did the best you could.

Trying to get your life in order, you weren’t superb, but still it was good.

All the good times we had, I replay them and won’t forget.

Out of nothing you made something, we enjoyed it, would never fret.

You were more than a mother; my sister, confidant and friend.

Before I was able to get back to you, it has come to an end.

Yeah, I’m crying again… My feelings I can’t hide.

Remember you said, sometimes let it go. Never keep it bottled inside.

Hah! Didn’t think I was listening, I was. Now, I’m convinced.

My book and streets gave way to common sense.

Smile, indeed it took a second. I know it’s a major growth spurt,

I’m sorry you can’t see it in person.

Oh, Obama didn’t need your vote, he won in a landslide.

Now he’s in his second term, showing gray, he can’t hide.

What else? We had a family reunion, yes our side, heard it was nice.

No griping, no complaining, no snags, no fights.

Hmmm, must of been no drinks outside of sodas or any smoke.

Guess people buried the hatchets, letting old grudges go.

Anyway, just catching you up, you are missed and still needed.

Haven’t forgot anything you told me, even when you scolded me, I needed it.

Wish you had received my last card and letter that Mother’s Day.

But you moved on, so I take time now to say…

You are appreciated…then, now, through and through.

Gone but never forgotten, I will always love you.

P.S. By the way, tell Grandma to stop fussing and cussing – The Cowboys won today…

– Thomas D. Payne



  1. Who does that:

    Who does that? She wear’s that hair that looks real good, to you get to her edges, which is so misunderstood.

    Who does that? Cut off there eyebrows, then draw them back on, one of them crooked, the other one gone, cause you didn’t remember to draw it back on.

    Who does that? Borrow your clothes, put them right on, no water, no soap, no dash of cologne!, warring your clothes with no draws on.

    Who does that? Drives a hummer, A big fancy truck, don’t have no money, and lives in a hut.

    Who does that? Sexing two best friends, Sexing girls, sexing men, conquering all the land he can, cause he thank he is the man.

    Who does that ? Come all out the bathroom man!!! Don’t even try to wash your hands, toilet paper stuck to the back of your pants.

    Who does that ? Talking all that shit to her man, fronting, in front of her friends, Stevie wonder can see how the shits going to end.

    I don’t mean to be funny, I don’t mean to sound mad, just asking a question, who does that?


  2. Change for a penny:
    Anybody can change, even a penny can change although it can only be changed from hand to hand, it to can change once you understand.
    We try in try, time in time again, just to end up where we have always been.
    Afraid in apart, painting a vivid picture of who you are.
    Blaming the world for what you’ve done, in where you have been, to scared to smile, you might make a friend.
    Old habits die hard it distinguish our characters in set us apart.
    It create a face only you can make,it opens our heart to make room for change.


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