Conversion of a Conversation

This brother greeted me saying, “what’s up cuzz?”

I dropped my head in shame, not because I didn’t know who he was

but because my past haunts me no matter what I do.

They see me creepin’ Georgetown down wearing blue.

Don’t have a clue where I been, what I’ve been through or how I’ve changed.

My new outlook or philosophy, therefore, knowledge I’ve gained.

Ask me what’s cracking now, I only crack a smile

knowing I was once like them, in need of guidance, a lost child.

Upon choosing my new path, became a traveler of time and space.

Deciding to uplift my people, shifting the negative influence out of the race.

Coming face to face with the demons that prodded and those I created

so now when I hear, “what’s up cuzz?”, really it sounds silly…we ain’t related…

– Thomas D. Payne

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