Damaged Goods

They compared me to the devil and called me Satan

but now I’m saving many people with the lyrics I’m making.

Thought that I had disappeared but I was dodgin’ those demons

guarding my semen from gold diggers plottin’ and schemin’.

Everything has a meaning so I took it in stride, swallowed my pride

and tried to keep my eyes on the prize.


So many lies are being aimed at our brains

folk tales and fantasies are replacing the chains

makin’ it rain but it can’t cover the pain

steady scrubbin’ the stain but it still remains.

You want change for a counterfeit dollar,

how can I lead you to the promised land if you won’t follow?

What’s the use of givin’ chase if you won’t keep the pace?

You’ll watch it from the sideline but won’t get in the race.

If you retrace all the steps I took, you’ll see how

they turned an honest man into a crook…

– Jah Soul

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