The Declaration

The angel of my destiny is finally standing next to me

can she be

the secret ingredient to my recipe?

Yes siree!

She’s the one, unquestionably.


I need her laying here face to face with me.

A sexy thang, she’s the yin to my yang

so I put a claim on her.


No stain on her, and I put my name on her.

She’s the Mrs, you bitches…

You bustas and suckas will never touch her.

Ha! Yeah I’m cappin’

Caught you nappin’

Took and poured my love on her

that’s why she’s got my gov on her.

Can’t you tell that she’s under Jah’s spell?

Didn’t take long for us to gel

because I caught her when she fell…

– Jah Soul – written on Sept. 3, 2014 the day he became one with his wife

One comment

  1. I love you so much and it is a privilege to be your Kween. I am so proud of you and all that you do and always know that I will be here by your side. No games or gimmicks. This is not just a title for me, this is the real. Real recognizes real and I am so blessed that our higher power has made us one. Love always, your Kween for life…


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