The Imperfect Perfection

“Usefulness is not impaired by imperfection. You can still drink from a chipped cup” – Greta K. Nagel

~Encouraged by this statement, I was inspired to form a message. Pump the volume higher, please…~

People think because we are locked up and locked down in a chaotic darkness there’s no hope

we are considered useless, no-good, outcast and broke.

It’s far from reality, believe it or not my friend; the pen doesn’t make the man

the man makes the pen.

Most will remain asleep while others finally wake, some will learn to love

some will constantly hate.

It’s a thin line to understanding what should’ve been understood.

The choices we made to be selfish and false, or the choice to be true and good.

There are those who deserve their sentences to the letter, and then there are people like us

who strive to be better.

Many will blame the way they were raised, people they hung around

Creating excuses, half-truths that will always keep them down.

But me and the Kingz on the other-hand admit our mistakes, taking control of our lives.

Regretfully traveled through the darkness and into the light.

They said they could take us out of the hood, but not the hood out of us; why?

Another fallacy, crutch, excuse and a lie.

Couldn’t care less about the hood trappings and those in it

I’m pro-black, love my people, but I am anti-silliness.

“Keep it real”, they scream, no more can I hear the streets

because being real to me is being a better husband, father, and son

Taking responsibility for all I’ve done plus what’s to come.

Been down the rabbit hole, I’m not Alice, I’m done.

With places I’ve been, people and things I’ve seen

Would make the weak of heart, break down crying or even scream.

It made me want to holler like Marvin, a time or two,

from the lowest level I built myself up and managed to pull through.

Transitioning from a boy to a man, I’m doing just fine with this forced hand.

Learned my lessons, amended my transgressions, went to college and received two degrees

Becoming the man, I should’ve been when I was free.

I invite you to witness my change, all eyes on me.  Lost my ambitions of a rider, Hail Mary, follow me.

Like Pac, once upon a time I had a lot to say with no path

Until, they gave me a sentence and I couldn’t figure out the math.

It cleaned my mind, changed my thoughts, perceptions and patterns of living

gave me a willingness to share, that’s why I’m giving

these words that come from my heart without a single pause…

I’m bruised, not broken and far from a lost cause…

– Thomas D. Payne

One comment

  1. You have grown tremendously and your mind and you will be set Free. I always be here and never will I leave a Kween waiting patiently for her King… I love you Payne


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