An Ode To My Wife

My one and only is an old fashioned phrase

Used in movies and songs back in the days

It perfectly describes the jewel that dropped in my life

From the day we met, til’ you became my wife

Our love could be no stronger, no deeper

The bond we had I knew you were a keeper

From our first kiss, we had our challenges

like any couple, I guess.

But we worked through them together and passed the test.

Our lives may not be perfect

truthfully, how many are?

You’ll always be the apple of my eye, my shining star.

So, on this day I say with all my heart.

Thank you for making me happy while also looking smart.

They didn’t think we would make it, oh how they were wrong.

Twenty three years is a testament, still we march on.

So, I know it might sound old fashioned to say

You are my one and only, my love, I can’t help but feel this way.

– Thomas D. Payne

One comment

  1. I love you Thomas Payne and this is a great way for family to stay close…and go well beyond these walls..I’m so great and very thankful for this.. Your heart Pennie


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