Month: August 2014

The Proposition

You heard about my reputation, that explains your hesitation.

Thinking that you will be misused and that I’ll leave your heart bruised

Naw, boo…

I just want to spoil you, show you that I’m loyal too.

Create a legacy, Isn’t that what all the Royals do?

I’m not the perfect man, but I’ve got the perfect plan.

Take my hand and let me lead you. I know just what you need, boo.

Them bustas cannot please you.

Desires unfulfilled…

I’ll caress away your stress. Now tell me how you feel?

A bad boy with a good heart, you’ll always be protected.

A woman is a reflection of her man and I need to be reflected.

Combine your sexy with my swag and let’s see what we create.

Don’t even worry about the haters,

they’re just mad, they can’t relate…
– Jah Soul

Soul Food

I’ve been feeling like I need to stop, drop and roll

because this poetry’s on fire, it’ll rock your soul.

Make you feel it in your toes, elbows and chest.

Eliminating negativity, depression and stress.

Blessed is how you will feel, once you’re fed and full

take a pull on this knowledge

bow your head and pay homage.

Feel that inferno in your belly and tell me it’s motivation

pursuing elevation, no matter the situation.

Reach for the constellations, feigning for inspiration.

Eternal exhilaration is our final destination.

– Jah Soul

The Kreation of a King

I am a poetic pastor

Preaching Proverbs and prophecies

Turning Konvicts into Kings

Making hood aristocracies


All they ever needed was a philosophy

A slice of Tupac with a bit of Socrates

A dash of common sense mixed with confidence

Roll it in reality

and wait for the compliments

spiritual supplements, embedded in your soul

makes an array of possibilities begin to unfold.

Change your perception and end all deceit.

If you fail, don’t trip

meditate and repeat.

Reach higher than your doubts, grab a dream and hold on

tilt that crown on your head

and have some swag on your throne.

– Jah Soul